Introducing the TVS Team

TVS Team

Experienced and Skilled Professionals

Total Viticulture Solutions has a highly experienced and professional viticulture services team with modern machinery and technology, and operators skilled across all areas of vineyard operations.

Meeting the Challenges of Viticulture Operations

The viticulture industry today is becoming a more demanding and exacting business requiring many technical, viticultural, mechanical and physical skills and attributes. It requires performing jobs to detailed task specifications in line with client requirements, and meeting high service delivery standards and compliance obligations.

Trained and Quality Assured

TVS is fortunate to have a dedicated team with over 50 years of combined practical vineyard operations and viticulture experience. They are well qualified and all seasonal staff are trained, instructed and well supervised. All our staff undertake regular training and updating of skills on an ongoing basis. We routinely benchmark our work performance and standards to ensure we meet expectations and pay attention to the detail that matters.

Unrivalled Accountability and Reporting

Our work procedures are quality and cost managed, and through our cloud-based job tasking and GPS tracking system, management and staff in the field can ensure the job is always done to exact requirements. Clients therefore receive an unrivalled level of transparency, accountability and reporting, providing confidence and assurance the job has been done properly.

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