The TVS Story

Total Viticulture Solutions is a family owned viticultural services company operating primarily in the Yarra Valley, but also servicing further afield, including central Victoria and Gippsland.

When Andrew McIntosh purchased his first Pellenc grape harvester in 2012 little did he anticipate it was the beginning of a journey that along the way would give rise to a new viticultural services company.  Nor did he foresee how it might feed his passion for finding and adopting new technologies that bring quantum advances to viticulture.

As the founder and co-owner of Helen’s Hill Estate, Andrew has been involved in the wine industry for over 20 years.  Together, with his wife Robyn, who is the chief viticulturist, and other members of family, he has pioneered the development of the 150 acre Helen’s Hill Estate as a premium cool climate grape grower and wine producer of multiple award winning wines.

New Beginnings on Old Foundations

With a childhood farming family background and with this extensive viticultural experience as a vineyard owner and operator, it seemed like a logical step, with the addition of a second Pellenc harvester, and extra capacity, to establish a company that could service other clients in the Yarra Valley with this advanced harvesting technology.

With this in mind Total Viticulture Solutions was established in late 2012, and with the addition of an initial client base from the purchase of the former Wallace Contracting business, it received some early impetus.

Window of Opportunity

At this time there appeared to be a window of opportunity to provide excellent vineyard management services with the application of more sophisticated technologies that could provide significant efficiencies and benefits to grape producers. With grape prices also coming under increasing pressure, the economics made a lot of sense.

Paradigm Shift

And when the Pellenc harvester with the most advanced on-board selective harvesting technologies came along, CEO Andrew McIntosh saw that these machines provided the opportunity for a paradigm shift in grape harvesting. They introduced new vintage efficiencies, and produced a product ready for the winery that surpassed all quality benchmarks.

Superior Technology - The Driving Force

It was this philosophy of innovation and the drive to improve efficiencies with the aid of modern technology that has been the driving force behind the development of Total Viticulture Solutions.

Andrew enthuses: “The speed and efficiency of these new machines really makes it easy to manage the pressures of vintage.  More than this they are highly cost effective compared to hand-picking.  They produce a product that is equal to or better than handpicked grapes, and at less than half the cost, it really made it a “no-brainer”.

Add to this the flexibility in being able to pick potentially 24/7, and harvest at night when the grapes are cool.  This also makes it an attractive processing and cost saving proposition for the winery.

More Technology Applications … Just the Beginning

To begin with, harvesting was the initial focus. But TVS has now responded to deliver the full range of applications of technology to vineyard operations. We’ve introduced TracMap, our GPS and cloud-based job tasking and tracking platform, variable rate application technology and a range of other ‘smarts’.  

And this is really just the beginning of our mission to bring advanced technologies and applications to our viticultural services clients, wherever it is technically possible, economically viable, cost efficient, and viticulturally sound.

Today TVS is laying the foundations for further growth, and looking forward with anticipation to its biggest harvest yet in 2015.

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