How Precision Viticulture Works

Precision Viticulture (PV) is fundamentally about enabling viticulturalists and wine producers to make more informed, targeted management decisions to optimise vineyard performance – maximising grape yield and quality (outputs); and minimising costs of production (inputs) and environmental impacts.

PV is based on the premise that there are significant variations within vineyards and precise management customised to local conditions can reduce this variability and lead to increased yield and quality.

Viticulture Input-Output Process

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Four Key Phases

There are four key phases to the successful implementation of PV practices for grape growers and wine producers –

  • Observation
  • Supplementary Information
  • Implementation
  • Interpretation & Evaluation

Throughout all four phases PV technologies and applications provide a powerful suite of tools for vineyard owners to adapt their vineyard management practices and respond with a high degree of accuracy when managing variability within their vineyards.

Precision Viticulture - Objectives

  • Appropriate management of the inherent variability of grape crops
  • Increased economic benefits (efficiencies, improved production outcomes, greater profitability and ROI)
  • Reduction of environmental impacts

Making PV Accessible

Total Viticulture Solutions takes advantage of the most advanced technologies available today and provides clients with leading edge harvesting machinery with on-board selective processing technologies, GPS tracking, GIS mapping, cloud-based job-tasking and variable rate application technologies. Over time we aim to progressively consolidate the new wave of proven precision technologies and applications, and integrate them into our vineyard operations best practice to benefit our clients.

Strategies for Premium Quality

The implementation of PV provides an opportunity for grape producers to actively adopt a “premiumisation” strategy.

Purists describe the obligation of the vigneron as “... to be in a perpetual search for the highest quality possible”. Quality is usually the result of many years of observation and experience. (The World of Fine Wine, Issue 14, 2006)

Precision viticulture represents a paradigm shift in our perpetual search for the highest quality possible.  It accelerates years of observation into identifiable variables and precise differences which can be managed to move the curve on quality and yield.

Ideal Platform

PV is the perfect platform for bringing together vineyard and economic information, vineyard management responses to managing variability and the application of these new tools and techniques.

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Precision Viticulture Technologies & Applications

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Implementing Precision Viticulture

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