Why Choose Total Viticulture Solutions

Total Viticulture Solutions delivers outstanding, cost effective viticultural management services to the wine industry through the application of leading edge, integrated technologies to maximise grape production outcomes and delivery of the highest quality fruit.

Our Point of Difference

  • Industry leading technology
  • Efficient and cost effective service
  • Precision viticulture for better results
  • High quality work
  • Strong relationships
  • Local knowledge
  • Transparency and accountability through cloud based job tasking, tracking and reporting
  • Highly skilled professional staff with extensive knowledge and experience
  • Strong focus on safety, biosecurity and compliance
  • Reliable, timely service
  • Friendly, flexible and easy to deal

Industry Leading Technology

Our services incorporate leading edge technologies which are embedded and applied across all aspects of our viticulture management operations to maximise your grape production outcomes.  Our quality machinery and equipment is well serviced and maintained to maximise uptime in the field.

Efficient and Cost Effective Service

As vineyard owners and growers of premium quality grapes, if you’re committed to achieving the best possible vintage outcomes, you can look to TVS as your trusted partner to provide you with a dedicated professional service that is efficient and cost effective.

Precision Viticulture

We want our clients to enjoy the benefits of integrated precision viticulture technologies that provide the tools for better management of the characteristic variability within vineyards.  Better decision-making impacts bottom-line results.

High Quality Work

We aim to give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that our skilled and dedicated staff will deliver on time, every time, to your exact specifications and requirements.

Strong Relationships

We will work closely with you to build a strong, long term business relationship, because we value your business, care greatly about your results, and take pride in the work we do to assist you in producing the highest quality grapes and maximum yields.  Your success will be our success.

Local Knowledge

We have expert local knowledge of viticultural practices and vineyard operations and agricultural industry requirements.  We know just about every inch and vagary of the Valley.

Transparency and Accountability

We are building a reputation for transparency, efficiency and accountability.  The job will be digitally logged and recorded.  We’ll never miss a row or a vine.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Our key people are highly skilled with extensive knowledge and experience in viticultural management, and practical expertise in vineyard and machine operations, and the latest technologies. TVS staff are highly skilled professionals who are friendly, easy to deal with and take great pride in their work.

Safety, Compliance and Bio-security

Strong focus on safety, and compliance with all environmental, chemical, bio-security, OH&S and government legislation and regulations. We pay attention to details and appropriate record keeping.

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