Industry Innovation

Total Viticulture Solutions is on track to becoming a leading provider of Vineyard Management and Precision Viticulture services.

Our dedicated team of viticulture specialists and industry professionals is focused on developing innovative solutions for vineyard owners and grape growers – and are leading the way in innovation from their home in the Yarra Valley winemaking region of Victoria.

To ensure we stay at the forefront of industry innovation, TVS has developed key relationships with some of Australia’s leading edge technology providers and equipment manufacturers for the viticultural and wine industry.

Our clients understand that these strategic relationships and various industry partners offer them access to world class vineyard management expertise – giving them a unique advantage. We are constantly looking for ways to implement new technologies that will provide productivity benefits and improved information for decision-making for our operations and our clients.

Amongst those strategic alliances is our utilisation of a range of equipment from Pellenc Australia - a leading manufacturer of grape harvesters and supplier to the viticulture industry.  We combine this with the latest wirelessly integrated GPS precision guidance systems and cloud based job management software from TracMap which delivers an unrivalled and complete solution for today’s viticultural operations.  Read how Total Viticulture Solution’s Cameron McIntosh has utilised TracMap’s versatility

Because we are able to deliver excellence in vineyard management and take advantage of strategic relationships with market leaders in technology and machinery development - TVS and our clients will continue to be at the forefront of viticulture practice in Australia.

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