Vision, Mission and Values Statements

We believe that knowing clearly the kind of business we are aiming to build or create and having others know what drives us will better serve to motivate or attract those who want to do business with us, work for us, or supply goods and services to us.

Our Vision and Mission inspire us daily and keep us focused on what we are aiming to achieve. These are statements of intent and together with our Values we know they are critical to our success over the long term, and it’s important that we continue to reinforce them on a daily basis. This will build a strong, client-focused, and technology and innovation driven culture, and energised and productive staff delivering quality services.That’s why we have included them here. So whether you’re a customer, a prospective employee, or a supplier, we welcome you to be part of that journey.

Our Vision

At TVS we are aiming to be the most sought after vineyard contracting company in the Yarra Valley. But more than this we want to bring a range of precision viticulture technologies and applications to growers and provide access to these ‘smarts’ through our services, which might not otherwise be possible, or affordable.

This all lines up with Total Viticulture Solutions’ Vision:

To be the industry leading viticultural services company in the Yarra Valley and beyond delivering an integrated spectrum of technology driven vineyard management services to vineyard owners, viticulturalists and wine producers.

This means we utilise the best available technologies, methods and training to deliver and maintain the highest standards of viticultural practice.  We apply this principle in all aspects of our business and operations.

Our Mission

Our Mission describes more about what we do, how we deliver and who and what is important to us:

In the vineyard and in the winery Total Viticulture Solutions delivers industry leading outcomes by providing outstanding vineyard management services to the wine industry

We are focused on delivering outstanding service over time and building long lasting and loyal relationships with our clients.

We understand that success depends on teamwork, and motivated, skilled and well trained staff consistently delivering cost effective, bench-mark quality services. Together with our drive for innovation and utilising the latest technology across our operations, we aim to ensure for our clients, the production, harvesting and delivery of the highest quality fruit to the winery.

 It means minimising impacts on infrastructure and the environment, and nurturing, managing and optimising what nature does best.