What’s Important to Us

TVS Core Values and Points of Culture

The core values which guide our thinking and underpin our behaviour in all aspects of the business include:

  • Innovation
  • Client focus
  • Outstanding quality
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Safety and responsibility
  • Being proactive
  • Communication


  • At TVS we will always strive to find a better, faster, smarter or more cost effective way to deliver an optimal outcome to our clients.

  • Our focus is always on understanding client requirements and meeting their needs in the most expeditious and cost effective way.

  • We will always aim to deliver the highest quality service and standards of viticultural practice, and use the best available technologies and skills.

  • We have an uncompromising commitment to being frank, fair and truthful in all our dealings, and acting with sincerity. These are the foundations for building long lasting, trusted relationships.

  • We will be true to our word, and aim to deliver on our promises through timeliness, dedicated individual effort and exceptional teamwork.

  • In serving our clients we will be proactive in finding solutions to problems, and take responsibility for correcting factors that compromise delivery of our service to clients.

  • We will consistently meet our obligations through initiative and action. Acting responsibly, observing safe practices and ensuring the safety of staff and clients are our first priority.Creating a small ‘footprint’ and minimising impacts on the environment is also important.

  • Above all we value free and open communication and flexibility in thinking to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and the business.