Strategic Partnership - TRACMAP

Total Viticulture Solutions has developed a number of strategic relationships with Australia’s leading providers of harvester and precision viticulture equipment and technologies.

We work closely with TracMap - a world leader in supplying GPS systems for ground-based applications in the agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, and aviation industries.

TracMap is a cloud-based job tasking and management system that allows workflow management and reporting from any internet enabled computer or tablet.  The use of TracMap systems have proven to deliver major productivity improvements through more accurate product application and placement and reduction in confusion and costly errors.

TVS utilises TracMap’s wirelessly integrated, in-cab displays in all field based vehicles which gives us an unrivalled view of all jobs on the go, stages of completion, and complete monitoring accuracy down to the row and vine.

It’s a powerful productivity tool for scheduling, and providing precision, transparency, and accountability for management, staff and our clients.

The TracMap system is designed to make job tasking easier, quicker and more accurate, and to get vehicles in the correct block, doing the correct job, at the right time, and receive all the data instantly and wirelessly.

Read how Total Viticulture Solution’s Cameron McIntosh has utilised TracMap’s versatility.