Vineyard Installations and Removals

TVS has extensive experience in vineyard development and can assist with developing plans to suit your situation and requirements.

The process of ongoing assessment of varietal mix and production levels is an essential part of proactive vineyard management. The ability to supply preferred grape quality and quantities in line with changing winery requirements and market demand are critical to remaining viable and profitable.

Vineyard installation, renovation, and reconstruction are an increasingly important aspect of being flexible and responsive to the needs of wine companies.  Removing or reconstructing unprofitable blocks are an essential part of the vineyard renewal and renovation process to optimise vineyard production and productivity.

Vineyard Installation & Development

  • Planning, budgeting, cost tracking
  • Site selection
  • Vineyard design
  • Ground preparation
  • Vine row mounding
  • Trellis installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Planting
  • Vine guard application and removal
  • Cover crop establishment

Vineyard Re-development

  • Cordon shredding
  • Vine removal
  • Vineyard renovations
  • Vine reconstruction (vine restoration)

Vineyard Removals

  • Vine removal (removal & replanting)
  • Cover crop/pasture re-establishment

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